Compostable Coffee Cup Lid – 250ml
Packs of 50 or 1000

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Compostable Coffee Cup Lid – 250ml (50 per pack)

Compostable Coffee Cup Lid – 250ml (50 per pack)



Our 250ml CPLA Coffee Cup Lid is made from 100% renewable sources (in fact, they’re made from the waste products of other industries), and degrades within 90 days in a commercial composting facility.

CPLA is opaque in colour:

  • 100% suitable for food use.
  • CPLA is made by copolymerising lactide (made by fermenting cornstarch, cheese whey, etc.) with aliphatic polyester (e.g dicarboxylic acid or glycol made from fermentation of glycerol). All are renewable resources• PLA products are compostable in industrial composting facilities
  • CPLA is a combination of PLA, chalk and other biodegradable additives and can withstand temperatures of up to 95°C without deforming. It is opaque in colour
  • CPLA contains no toxins.

This product has no effects on the flavours of the food (fewer indeed, we believe, than the non-renewable alternatives available).
Please note that CPLA-based packaging (such as this product) are not intended for high temperatures and as such as not suitable for microwave or oven use.

This comes in packs of 50 or 1000